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Snowmobile Tour Canada Quebec: Our company
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Snowmobile Canada - Ski doo tours - Snowmobile tours Canada Québec
Snowmobile Tour Canada Quebec: Our company
Snowmobile Canada our snowmobile 2016
Snowmobile Canada Quebec albums
Snowmobile Tour Canada Quebec: Our videos
Snowmobile Tour Canada Quebec information
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With Aventure Nord Québec Organisation: The snowmobile passionately...

Snowmobile Tours Canada

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Law and permits:

Aventure Nord Québec Organisation is a company specializes in snowmobile raids homeless since 1993.

Aventure Nord Québec Organisation Inc. is hold of a Quebec Travel agent licence  N°702411 (obligatory in Quebec) 

issued by the Office de la Protection du Consommateur.

This requirement will guarantee you, among other things:

Prices in Canadian dollars:

A company or travel agency governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec must view its prices in Canadian

dollars only, because it is the currency of the country, and this, on all advertising media used. 

On our Website, you will find at different places, an online currency converter that allows you to get the exchange rate in real time.

Price and departure:

Aventure Nord Québec Organisation guaranteed prices posted on its website.  There is no question of «prices from ...».

Once the details of your stay will be settled, we will send you a quotation. The price proposed then is a firm and definitive price.

Departure is guaranteed. That means that your dates are locked and that whatever the final number of participants is, the group will leave as scheduled.

Caution for the snowmobile:

A deposit (deductible) of 2.875 $ till 3.000 $ non taxable regarding the modele is required before taking possession of the snowmobile.

This amount will be refunded at the return, except in case of responsible accident with total loss of thesnowmobile.

In which event, the amount of reparation will be deducted from the total before refund.

Please note that the deposit must be given the day of the departure of the tour.

This one can be done by Visa, MasterCard and American Express (print only, no amount blocked).

The casualty insurance option of 290$ taxes included only available on the Tour 600 - 800 - 1000 - 1100 see details.

*This insurance must be taken at the time of the departure. This one is at the customer's subscription.

No deposit on a snowmobile?

While some organizers should do, it is amazing, if not absurd, to delete the deposit on a snowmobile.

      And especially, check with the organizers if you have to give a credit card print at the time of taking possession of the snowmobile.

      If this is the case, there is a hidden defect somewhere.

      50km to 800km from its home base?

Beginning of the season:

Aventure Nord Québec Organisation never begins its winter season before the second week of January

for several reasons:

We cannot take the risk to sell an itinerant tour  with or without aerial and cannot honor our services.




An itinerant tour:

An predefined route and every evening a different lodging: such accommodations are varied and characterize our

raids. We choose them for their diversity, their comfort and their settings.


Our groups are composed of 6 to 8 people.

Two scenarios:

      according to profiles of applicants, dates of availability and type of raid chosen.

The fact of not being in great numbers in the same group ensures flexibility, dynamism and privileged contact with your guide.

One person per snowmobile, why?

Aventure Nord Québec Organisation propose only tour with one person per snowmobile.

A tour cannot be Itinerant with two people on the same machine.

The main reasons are:

      for a driver frequently inexperienced.

That, unfortunately, too many organizers have been doing in recent years profitability oblige!




Our team:


With us since years, they will share not just your day during your raid but also their knowledge of the ground.

They are holding a diploma first aid in remote areas and are equipped with a tracking system

satellite that allows us of knowing your  position in real time.

Our suppliers and partners:

They know us and we know them.

Their expertise and their hospitality is very important to ensure you a pleasant moment.

Our slogan:

A tour itinerant, whatever it is, must give way to adventure. And it is!

Climatic conditions and trails may result in the change of itinerary or unforeseen.

Aventure Nord Québec Organisation however does not affect its ever safety, supervision, availability and quality.

Our organization and very disciplined and it cannot be otherwise.

We want to make your stay unforgettable, but in a good sense.

With your cooperation, essential of course, we have developed products custom to meet your requirements

Witch are too ours.

For the duration of a tour in snowmobile, you'll be part of our team and share our passion.

So, welcome!

Aventure Nord Québec Organisation Inc.

669 chemin Gérard, Piedmont

J0R 1K0 - Québec - Canada

Tel : 001 450-227-2908 

Fax : 001 514-227-5202

Travel agent licence of Quebec N° 702411

E-mail :

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Customer reviews*****

Initially, it is a passion for the snowmobile and the nature that has motive the founder of the companyto organize trips of this type.

Time spend but the passion still the same.

And the purpose of such of raid is not only to provide you a complete change of scenery

but also all, to share with you our passion!

Who is Aventure Nord Québec Organisation?