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Snowmobile Canada - Ski doo tours - Snowmobile tours Canada Québec
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Snowmobile Canada our snowmobile 2016
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Snowmobile Tour Canada Quebec: Our company
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Snowmobile Tour Canada Quebec 1000

Round trip plane ticket on scheduled flight from a European capital city, extra fees from other cities of 200 $.

Transportation included to and from Montreal Pierre-Elliot Trudeau International Airport.
6 nights in ****Hotels, Auberge and outfitters room in double occupancy: 1 room for 2 people including private bathroom.
6 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners, service and tips included.
5 day itinerant tour / 1000km snowmobile tour package.
Snowmobile Yamaha SR Viper - 4-stroke - 1049cc /135hp, model 2017 (odorless of oil).
Full cold weather: full-face helmet with heated shield, snowsuit, boots, gloves, hood and sealed bag.

A guide trained in first aid diploma included and equipped with GPS satellite units.

Gasoline, provincial and federal taxes and airport taxes included.

Snowmobile liabilities, civil insurances and trail passes are included.

Financial guarantee: yours funds are deposited at ANQ in trust account.

Civil liability of 2 million dollars included with AXA Insurance Company.

Day 1 / Flight Europe / Montreal: First departure on January Saturday 7, 2017                             

Greeting at the airport and private transportation of your team to Mont-Saint-Sauveur (one hour trip) -
Check-in at the Manoir Saint Sauveur - Welcome cocktail -
Dinner and overnight stay at the ****
Manoir Saint-Sauveur - (swimming pool, Jacuzzi spa).

Day 2 / Stage 1: Tour departure / Sainte-Adèle / Duhamel (160km)

Breakfast at the Manoir starting at 7:00 am -
8:30 am: Transfer for the rental facility in Sainte-Adèle - Signature of contracts and formalities,

delivery of the required cold and briefing on the use and safety of your snowmobiles -
9:30 am: Departure towards Saint Adolphe d'Howard - Lunch around noon in a snowmobiles relay station -
After lunch continue towards the Lac des Plages, Duhamel - Stags of Virginia (roe-deer's) observation -
Arrival around 6:00 pm at the
Auberge Couleurs de France for dinner and overnight stay - (external Jacuzzi).

Day 3 / Stage 2: Duhamel / Rabaska outfitter (240km)

Breakfast - Direction north towards the Hautes-Laurentides -
Crossing the faunal reserve Papineau Labelle and its many lakes -
Lunch around noon in an auberge. After lunch continue direction of the Baskatong reservoir -
Arrival around 7:00 pm at
Rabaska Lodge - Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 4 / Stage 3: Rabaska outfitter / Lac Nominingue (200km)

Breakfast - Departure towards the Windigo falls, Lac Saint Paul -

Crossing the Baskatong reservoir (a true inland sea) 16km - Lunch around noon at Ferme Neuve -

Leg on the 63 (Trans-Quebec trail) which will bring you to the Lac Nominingue -

Arrival around 5:30 pm at the Auberge chez Ignace.

Dinner and overnight stay - (external jacuzzi).

Day 5 / Stage 4: Lac Nominingue / Saint-Michel-des-Saints (190km)

Breakfast - Departure towards Saint Michel des Saints - Crossing the Faunal reserve Rouge-Mattawin -

Lunch around noon in snowmobile relay station - Direction Saint Michel des Saints while following the trail 33 -

Arrival at the Gîte du Lac Taureau in the evening - Dinner and overnight stay - (external jacuzzi).

Day 6 / Stage 5: Saint-Michel-des-Saints / Sainte-Adèle / End of the tour (210km)

Transfer / Montreal downtown
Breakfast - Departure towards Zec Lavigne and Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci -

Lunch around noon in a snowmobile relay station -  During afternoon, last stage of the tour direction Saint-Adèle -

Arrival late afternoon at the rental facility to drop off your equipment -

Departure for Montreal at 06:30 pm (1 hour trip) - Day off in downtown Montreal -

Overnight stay at the ****Novotel hotel.
* Dinner at the customer discretion.

Day 7 / Day off in Montreal / Airport transfer 

Flight Montreal / Europe: Last return on March Saturday 18, 2017

Breakfast - Day off downtown Montreal - Departure for the airport late afternoon -
Night flight towards Europe - Dinner on board.
* Lunch at the customer discretion.

Day 8 / Arrival in Europe

Arrived in Europe early in the day - Return to the reality - End of our services -

Please note: Modifications may occur without notice to your tour package selection due climatic and trail conditions that is unforeseen.

For your safety, our guides are equipped with a first aid diploma and have access to a GPS satellite tracking system at all times

that allows us to pinpoint your position in real time even in remote areas.


    Price per person including air flight: 4.750 $ CDN / Yamaha SR Viper - 4-stroke /135hp

 Price per person without air flight or departure from Montreal: please consult us





Snowmobile Tours Canada

Tour 1000: Price per person including air flight 4.750 $ CDN - Yamaha SR Viper - 4-stroke 135hp

Detailed itinerary of your stay

Wat we provided for your tour

- Six pairs of socks (3 thick and 3 thin).
- Two sets of underwear (polar tech type).
- Two sweaters (wool or fleece).
- A pair of shoes.
- A pair of ski gloves.
- Sunglasses.
- A toilet kit.
- A swimsuit is recommanded as some of our accommodations offer a pool or Jacuzzi.
All the residences supply bath and hands towels.

Note your luggage, containing your clothes can be left safely at the rental facility. You will find them at the end of your daily tour.

Additional clothing that you should bring for your tour

To be more comfortable, you should not forget


Under gloves

Ventral bag


All our prices are in Canadian dollars and are guaranteed prices

A company or travel agency governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec must present its prices in Canadian dollars only.

For your convenience we place an online currency converter that will allow you

to retrieve the most recent exchange rate in real time.

$ Currency rates in Euros click here

1 PERSON per snowmobile - Minimum 6 people - Maximum 8 people per private group.     

6 people or less please consult us to see if there is a possibility to set up a smaller group with a maximum of 6 people.

Our groups are composed of 6 to 8 people. Two scenarios:

- Either you constitute your own private group of a maximum of 8 participants.

- Either we constitute a group of a maximum of 6 participants in the progressively bookings,according to profiles of applicants.

The fact of not being in great numbers in the same group ensures flexibility, dynamism and privileged contact with your guide.

Duration: 5 day itinerant tour - 1000km.
Characteristics: Enchanting scenery with trails going through forests and lakes.
Lodging: Hotels**** Auberge and Outfitters (Wilderness Lodge).
Level: Good physical condition (Riding 6 to 7 hours/day).

Driving licence: Having a valid driver's licence (car, motorcycle, scooter).
Passport: Having a valid passport.

The following foreign nationals will need an eTA before boarding their flight to Canada as of March 15, 2016: Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

Visa: No need for a Visa if you are resident of the EC. For other countrys, click on government of Canada.

Minimum age: 18 years old.

Booking deposit: 40% (non refundable - including the air flight).
Final payment: 21 days before the departure.
Payment terms: Visa - MasterCard - Money transfer.

Download the tour 1000 in PDF


Aventure Nord Québec Organisation Inc.

669 chemin Gérard, Piedmont

J0R 1K0 - Québec - Canada

Tel : 001 450-227-2908 

Fax : 001 514-227-5202

Travel agent de licence of Quebec N° 702411

E-mail :

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Price and conditions for this tour                                      WINTER SEASON 2017

Yamaha SR Viper - 4-stroke - 1049cc /135hp - model 2017 (Odorless of oil)

Whether beginner or experienced drivers, this new Yamaha, sportily and light, is designed for on and off trails

4-stroke engine 3 cyl /135hp
Maximum speed 155km/H
Heated seat

 Heating accelerator and handles
Electric starter - Reverse gear



Sealed bag 2 X 35L



Full-face helmet

with heated shield


Bag bundle 2 X 15L

Included in this price

Not included this price

Extra fees for single occupancy room: 500 $.
Insurance option in case of cancellation and or delay of luggage.

Insurance option in case of hospitalizing if needed.

3.000 $ CDN non-taxable deposit on Yamaha SR Viper - 4-stroke - 1049cc /135hp.

This one can be done by Visa, MasterCard and/or American Express (print only: the amount will not be blocked).

* Please note: the deposit has to be paid before the departure of your tour.

The option to purchase casualty insurance: 290 $ taxes included available only on the Yamaha SR Viper - 4-stroke - 1049cc /135hp see details.

* This insurance can only purchase on the day of departure of your package.
All personal expenses.
Lunch the last day in Montreal.

Tipping your guide.


Package of 8 days / 7 nights / Europe-Europe all included

 5 day itinerant tour: 1000km

3 areas of the Quebec

The Laurentides, Outaouais and Lanaudière are three of areas of Quebec that counts over 8000km of snowmobile trail.

You will discover imposing landscapes, beautiful and wild nature.
From the faunal reserve of Papineau Labelle, through the reserve Rouge-Matawin,this tour is appropriate for all those in search of adventure.

It is strongly advised to reserve your package tour before the second week of January.

The climatic condition and trails are not favorable before this period. For informations: click here

Snowmobile used for the tour

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Departure's every day of the week on schedule flight from January Saturday 7 through March Saturday 18, 2017